Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's save our children !

My Dear Souls, 
Namste !

And some of us thought they are "terrorists " and "extremists " !!!
And Some of us did not see GOD's face in them !!!

................. The point is that where are we going . for centuries wars are fought and many people killed in this blind game of winning and loosing .
................. When will we stop fighting each other in the name of religion , in the name of country and all that rubbish !

WARS can only destroy Humanity and Human race nothing else and let me tell you that in wars, there is no winner , both sides are greatest looser .

It brings pain and tears in my heart, soul and body and mind that innocent lives are being taken away in fighting with each other !

PLEASE PLEASE STOP , The world needs more love , kindness and Humanity than weapons . PLEASE STOP.

with Love
always yours 


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