Thursday, September 3, 2015

Human Race

.......and one day GOD created humans and it was his last mistake !

and immediately humans started spoiling and killing his other creations .
humans killed environment , killed all types of animals , killed people over petty issues of land and money and woman , fought wars, killed own parents, brothers and sisters and finally started killing own kids ....!

GOD is still regretting of creating humans and I sometimes feel ashamed of being a part of human race ............!!!

what are we leaving behind for our children and grandchildren and coming generations !!!!

I lost words sometimes to express my grief and anguish over the acts of my fellow humans !

GOD there a way to make them real humans !


Sunday, August 16, 2015


......मैंने पहले बोलना सीखा ...अम्मा... !

फिर लिखना सीखा.... क ख ग a b c 1 2 3 ...
फिर शब्द बुने !
फिर भाव भरे !

.... मैं अब कविता गुनता हूँ  , कहानी गड़ता हूँ ..
जिन्हें दुनिया पढ़ती है ..खो जाती है .. रोती है ... मुस्कराती है ...हंसती है ..चिल्लाती है ...
.....मुझे इनाम ,सम्मान , पुरस्कार से अनुग्रहित करती है ...!

.....और मैं किसी अँधेरे कोने में बैठकर,
....खुदा के सजदे में झुककर ,
धीमे से बोलता हूँ ...अम्मा !!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's save our children !

My Dear Souls, 
Namste !

And some of us thought they are "terrorists " and "extremists " !!!
And Some of us did not see GOD's face in them !!!

................. The point is that where are we going . for centuries wars are fought and many people killed in this blind game of winning and loosing .
................. When will we stop fighting each other in the name of religion , in the name of country and all that rubbish !

WARS can only destroy Humanity and Human race nothing else and let me tell you that in wars, there is no winner , both sides are greatest looser .

It brings pain and tears in my heart, soul and body and mind that innocent lives are being taken away in fighting with each other !

PLEASE PLEASE STOP , The world needs more love , kindness and Humanity than weapons . PLEASE STOP.

with Love
always yours 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


and unfortunately all the so called civilized societies treated woman badly  this is so pity . what is our existence without woman as mother, as sister, as lover, as wife , as daughter .. We are nothing without woman ! 
lets Pray for a better world for woman !

Friday, August 2, 2013

LIFE ...!!!

Life is a journey . and on this road of nowhere to go ; we all are travellers ....often looking for someone to make the journey more meaningful , more soulful ....

BUT ..

most of the times we either don't get the fellow traveler or we don't recognise him/her , or we fail to understand our fellow traveler ! 

and than the rest of life is only repenting ... thinking .. and asking GOD to reverse the journey !! 

well that's called LIFE !!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hi friends and well-wishers ,
I welcome you all to my new blog " the writing on wall "
This is all about my writings in English .
I am sure you will enjoy the journey along with me.